Hacked Existence


The members of C2G formed Hacked Existence to be the collective under which they release industry level materials to the technology community. Since its formation, the Hacked Existence Team was invited to speak about Hadoop, a framework for processing large amounts of data originally designed and implemented by Google.

The Hacked Existence Team leverages their in-depth understanding of technology to solve problems posed by the business world as well as the world of technology.


Apache's Open Source Implementation of Google's MapReduce Framework

Hadoop is a project with many subprojects that facilitate the MapReduce software framework. It is a JAVA based framework with interfaces that provide the ability to program in any language that can read and write to stdin/stdout. In addition, Hadoop contains many subprojects that handle all of the management of a cluster allowing programers to utilize a high level API. Hadoop, along with an optimized data set, can provide everything necessary to produce intelligent results from massive data sets.

See the Hadoop Project Page on the Hacked Existence website here.

Netflix Prize

Netflix is the largest online DVD rental service, offering flat rate rental-by-mail and online streaming to customers in the United States(Wikipedia). The goal of the NetFlix Prize competition is to improve the accuracy of the prediction algorithm to more accurately project how individual subscribers will rate a movie based on intelligent predictions derived from finding similar users and movies in the database. This problem has been challenged to the public by Netflix themselves, available at: http://www.netflixprize.com/. Netflix already employs a movie recommendation system called Cinematch (SM) to recommend movies to current customers based on their movie renting and rating histories. The Netflix challenge is to build a recommendation system that can make recommendations with an improved accuracy of 10% over the Cinematch (SM) system as it was used by Netflix in 2006.

See the Netflix Project on the Hacked Existence website here.

Synchronized Streaming with VLC

This was a study we did around the feasibility of synchronizing a video stream to multiple computers by compensating for network latency. This type of setup could be utilized in the Entertainment Industry to solve some of the problems with implementing large concert venue style displays. It could also be used to bring the same schedule based broadcast system found on regular television to the internet to ensure that all of your viewers saw the same thing at the same time.

See the HowTo and Video of our system on the Hacked Existence website here.

5 Apple TV's 5 Airport Expresses

The system was designed and built with the intent of providing a completely centralized, easy to use home entertainment solution. We chose Apple products as we find them to provide the user experience necessary for this project while maintaining the level of infrastucture necessary to provide true HD quality video.

See the Hacked Existence project page here.

Google Maps API

The Dollar Wall creates an unrivaled atmosphere for anyone who sets foot in the Philadelphia Sandwich Company's restaurant. We wanted to reproduce this unique setting inside their website. By leveraging Google Map's open API, we not only allow people to see what covers 3 walls and the ceiling, but we also created a commenting system that allows anyone to stick a virtual pin on the wall and leave a comment for the whole world to see.

See the HowTo on Replacing Tiles in Google Maps here.